"You want me to do what?!", Huck asked anxiously. 
Showing off our new vests, bow and bowtie on our visit to Hope Arbor. 
"Thanks for the fleece blankets, Mom!"
One of Midnight's friends likes to fluff up her mane and forelock to create a Tina Turner hair-do! 
The largest horse on the ranch, Little Joe, meets the smallest horse on the ranch, Midnight. Just love this photo! The big horses have all accepted the presence of the babies very well. 
I wish I knew what Cloud and Little Joe were thinking about this little horse next door to them. This was first day in the pasture for the babies. 
"Where are you going, Midnight?", Mom questioned. 
Even though we aren't allowed to include faces in these photos, the sweetness and love is conveyed beautifully in the hands of our friends and the eyes and faces of our horses. 
Creatively transforming my GMC 
Acadia into a temporary Miniature Horse transport vehicle. Worked great for four months. Now we have a 
Mini Van. 

This awesome volunteer at Hope Arbor found Huck's sweet spot! Can you tell?! 

Bringing joy to …
the young …
Moma having a heart to heart with the babies. 
and the young at heart.
October 4, 2018
The babies arrived at the barn!