Mini’s 2 Love, Inc. will visit area nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities to provide emotional support for residents.

We will also visit homes where adults/children are suffering from long term illness.

We will visit homes where families have suffered sudden loss of a loved one.

We hope to visit schools to see children who may be in crisis.

We would also love to work with the police department to provide services to children who are in crisis.

We anticipate being able to go to the airport to act as a stress reliver for travelers and distraction to those who may have just said goodbye to a loved one.

There is potential for work with our military bases to provide the same type of emotional support.

All of these activities will support our goal of providing emotional support to adults and children.

Walks Downtown Savannah
Taking the horses downtown provided lots of opportunity for desensitization training. A primary goal during training to get the horses basically bombproof, meaning they don't have any response to sudden noises or movements. They are exposed to sounds of trucks, cars, sirens. They meet all types of people and deal with crowds. Some businesses even allow us to come inside which puts us in close spaces and walking on different flooring. 
Photos below are from our training visits from December to March. We're excited about the positive experiences we have had so far. 

Isle of Hope Methodist Church has an outreach program for those who are suffering from Alzheimer's called            Hope Arbor. We are visiting there on a regular basis now and couldn't be happier about it. The horses are quite comfortable there now. 

A Fall Festival at Skidaway Island UMC was out first outing with the horses.

In spite of the cold and rain, everyone had fun, young and old alike!

Huck and Midnight attended the Skidaway Island UMC Wednesday night dinner January 30th as the program of the night. I shared our story and then the horses came in and visited with everyone.

We had our first visit to the Azalealand Nursing Home in February 2019. This is a relationship we hope to continue to develop as a regular visitation site. We shared lots of joy and smiles. Huck did great reaching over transport beds, a very new experience for him. Everyone was fascinated by their size and adorability. 

Our most recent new site visit was at the home for the organization New Beginnings, a recovery place for women. These women were thrilled to see the babies and love on them. One woman's daughter was able to be present and she fell in ove with the babies. Just precious!