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Our Horses

Huckleberry - aka Huck, Knapps Be My Huckleberry, Pumpkin, Handsome

Born April 4, 2018

The one that stole my heart and helped me commit to creating this non-profit organization. 

Beautiful multi shaded sorrel , becoming Palomino

32" tall 

Breeder: Knapp's Miniature Horse Farm, Rolling Prairie, Indiana

Dam: Oceana's Tiny Tesla   

Sire: Kettermans Whistlers Juel Oriley (Whistler)

Huck has become grown into a handsome almost palomino 2 year old. He is a perfect gentleman on visits. He loves taking selfies, which is a hit with the college kids. He has the sweetest eyes. He has the perfect therapy horse mentality. He seems to know who needs him. He will rest his head on a bed for the longest time. His only flaw is being a food monster. He loves to eat grass. We can't do a visit on grass. We have to find a paved or dirt area to stand in and then give grass as his reward for work. You can always get a hug from Huck! 

huck adorable.jpg
sweet face.jpg

Midnight - aka Midi, Midnight Beauty, Princess, Tina Turner

Born April 23, 2018 at Midnight

A little mare who was extra tiny at birth 

Gorgeous black and gray with a hint of brown ombre in her mane and tail


Breeder: Knapps Knee High Miniature Horses

Dam: Getz Nillas CHubber Mini Wafer (Cookie)

Sire: Kettermanslpm Whistlers Juel Oriley (Whistler)

Midnight is a beautiful, little black filly who has become a very nice mocha mare 

She's a little sweetheart. Everyone loves her beautiful blue eyes. Next to her eyes, her mane is a showstopper. It's full, thick and curly. Our friends love to fluff it up and just like that she's Tina Turner! She loves a good spa day! She stands perfectly for grooming and bathing. 

pretty girl2.jpg

Sawyer - aka Little Man, Baby Boy, Eeyore, Knapps Big Splash Sawyer

Born May 9, 2019

Beautiful sorrel pinto - lots of color


Breeder: Knapps Knee High Minature Horse Farm

Knapps Big Splash Sawyer

Dam: Triple7farm Brewers Majestic Angel

Sire: Rauchs Steele Blue Bandit 

We didn't anticipate expanding quite so soon but when Lisa Knapp calls with an available colt, you have to seriously consider it. We did and we got this amazingly sweet baby boy. He is sweet as sugar. He wants to be loved on. He especially loves a butt rub and will back himself right into you for one. He will knock you off your balance so watch out.

Sawyer was so quiet and easy-going that we took him to our two training facilities when he was only four months old.. He was wonderful. Everyone fell in love with him. He was so tiny and sweet. He shows great promise for visits in the future.

Sawyer had some health issues in February but with the outstanding care of our equine vets at Carter Veterinary Services, he well and regaining weight and muscle. Just as he was getting himself back to normal he had an accident in the pasture and ended up losing his left eye the Friday before his first birthday. He made a perfect recovery. Love him even more if possible. 

River aka known as Moon River, Pretty Boy, Beastie, Rod Stewart, Big Boy

Born February 25, 2019

Silver Leopard Appaloosa - 1 copy silver, no grey gene 


Breeder: Mt. View Miniatures, Limestone, Tennessee

MTV Moon River (originally MTV Polished Ozzie)

Dam:Pals Mary Jane

Sire:Kakos Ghost Wolf Dancer

It became clear pretty quickly after Sawyer's arrival that we were going to need to get our fourth horse soon. Taking Huck and Midnight out on a visit made Sawyer very anxious. He didn't like being left alone. I had actually put down a deposit  on River but when Sawyer was born, I knew I wanted him and couldn't get two at once. LOL, silly me! I reached out to Michelle Lowery, River's mom, to see if he was still available and he was. Katie and I made arrangements to take a road trip to Tennessee to pick him up the weekend before her wedding in October! It was a great road trip. The loading and initial departure was kinda tough but he quickly settled down and was absolutely wonderful for the trip home. 

We began his training immediately. He settled in well with the other horses, but he had some anxiety issues when it came to having so many different people coming in and out of the pasture and stalls. Now, he is one of the sweetest and gentlest horses we have. He is a very curious colt. He wants to be right beside us as we groom or work. He's even giving kisses. We're excited about getting him out and visiting our friends when Covid-19 dangers have passed. 

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